FAQ Frequently Asked Question

i. Virus vulnerability on local machines ( esp windows based )

ii. Instant scalability based on business demand ( scale on demand, pay for what you use )

iii. Data can be accessible from almost any browser and operating system ( Mac, win, Linux, android and iOS )

iv. Eliminate software licensing ( texditors like MS word ) with our online text editor

v. No hardware investment and depreciation ( servers, switches, firewalls etc )

vi. No system admin staff require to monitor infrastructure

Almost everybody from one man show business to small and medium enterprise to big organisation

We build Shopcast based on our past client’s needs from all trades, therefore we have compiled and list a list of add on features for everyone from basic to advance user’s needs.

NO. Shopcast scales from one man show needs to big organisation based on your requirements. No maintenance needed as we host the application for you ( Cloud based ). You just pay for what you need to power your business and we will take care of the rest.

NO. We build Shopcast based on the simplest way we know how. We try to minimise training and explanation on reading through tons of manual books.

YES, as long it’s in either CSV or XLS format.

YES, we currently support either CSV or XLS

YES, we do periodically back ups ( nightly or weekly )

We have a few locations around the world to make sure you have the best speed in accessing your data and running Shopcast

In the user administration control panel, you can control who can access what data on your Shopcast account

We charge for hosting your data on our cloud servers and also running your application. The cost is so little because we spread the load equally through out our users to help you save on hardware and staffing over head